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are we watching????

Most recent neighborhood scare; In Edmond Man with ski mask and was driving a black pickup. We' re working to create a website to communicate "The lack of watchman" please put watch in your daily life. Just think more about watching around you, about strangers , strange and out of place people. But use common since about confronting anyone. Our Team suggest you get as much information by looking and observing; and make notes of distinct things about the stranger. Also contact your neighbors as soon as you can so they will be informed and be on the watch. What to watch for?; Taking your children to school; any strangers about? Stanger defined; any person(s) parked, standing or walking that you are not familiar with for the setting. Arriving at home;Did someone follow you into your neighborhood you have not seen before? The word watch in this blog means; pay attention, because the stranger is!!! Make the commitment, be watchful. Good Day Darryl

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