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Best of week ends

Just a thought; It is true that most have longer week ends than they admit! I have seen with no supervision ( the Boss is gone ) starting Friday around 11:00 certain people start considering what they are going to do for the week end. 20% lost of production. Returning from Lunch, with further thoughts of their week end plans, forgetting to clock in, having to return to the clock and back to the desk, drill press or what ever the work station may be 4-6 % lost of

production. Continuing, texting spouse or friend, calling for reservations etc. 7 - 8 % additional lost of productivity.Thinking on with me, by the afternoon break and extended bath room break(s) this person is at least 60% down in their personal contribution to the company.

By whistle time they are on their last toilet run and pretending to read the Safety Bulletin over the time clock .

he or she

Have a well deserved week end!!!

Blog p.s. Their week end will be extended into Monday.

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