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Election-ELECTION_ElEcTiOn- Somebody gets something, somebody looses something. Politics; not a win-win deal. It's a win-loose deal. Even though your Party wins, you likely lost a bit. We have heard it for ions, "It is not whether you win or loose but how you play the game." So if you feel you lost or won, keep playing. Make the so called Winners, "accountable" for their hot air promises. However you can't hold them accountable if you didn't vote. There are millions throughout this World that do not have the freedom to vote freely, in these United States you have the freedom to VOTE, if you are here LEGALLY! {?}

So, to keep our Liberty, you must support our Democracy. Life at conception! Life Now! Life after death!

Remember you can sound off by e-mailing our Ministry from this Web site. You can also donate here. Our Greatest Goal is to tell all that Jesus Saves. He is the Way the Truth and The Life. Whoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved> Let me know.

Come to Church with us call 1 605475-4000 access number 227346# Pastor

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