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There is nothing New under the Sun, but happenings seem to be consistent with the word Change! Sin is Sin. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong.

Once again we will make a Change (or in hopes) by the Mark of the Pen on the Election/Selection Ballot.

Electing the Right Person can only be accomplished by knowing the whole value of the Individual for each Office that is desirable of the Elected. Wherewith before the (in this case) 6th of November you should evaluate the Person that you will Select a Person that will uphold all that you agree with. For instants " do they Uphold our Established Constitutional Rights, The Right to Life (not killing the Unborn) The Right to protect yourself and your Family. This typically called The Conservative Stand!

On the other side of the We have so called State Questions typically offer a Yes or No mark.

Have you investigated what they mean OR what you were told they mean? Vote with knowledge and a GOOD CONSCIENCE.

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